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1st Team

See you all Next Season - and Watch this Space !     

Honours details:

22 Apr 02 Club Honours
Eastern Counties Div 1 Cup Winners 1999
Eastern Counties Div 1 Winners 1999
Southern League (Division One) Champions 1959-60
Eastern Counties League Runners up 1936/7, 1953/4, 1964/5, 1974/5
Eastern Counties League Cup Winners 1973/4, 2001/2002, Runners up 1968/9, 1980/1
Reyonlds Cup Winners 1973/4
Essex Professional Cup Runners up 1953/4, 1969/70
East Anglia;n Cup Winners 1956/7, 1999/2000, Runners up 1955/6
Harwich Charity Cup Winners 1953/4, 1954/5, Part Winners 1955/6
Worthington Evans Cup Winners 1934/5, 1956/7, 1967/8, 1974/5
F.A. Cup First Round Proper 1960/1
F.A. Cup 3rd Qualifying Round 2001
F.A. Vase Fourth Round 1974/5
F.A. Amateur Cup First Round Proper 1973/4
Pearson Charity Cup Winners 1920/1, 1928/9
Coan Charity Cup Winners 1920/1, 1923/4, 1924/5, 1926/7, 1930/31, 1931/2, 1934/5, 1937/8, 1957/8
Essex Junior Cup Winners 1899/1900
N. Essex League - Division II Winners1898/9, 1899/1900
S.E. Anglian League - Division II Winners 1907/8
Colchester & District League Division II Winners 1909/10
Colchester & District League Division II Cup Winners 1909/10

Contact Details:
Jeff Dewing
Clacton Town Football Club, The Rush Green Bowl, Rush Green Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, CO16 7BQ
Tel: (01255) 432590 Fax: (01255) 432590
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Clacton Town FC

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